Whole Body Vibration Machine – Vibratrim VT500 Review

Whole Body Vibration Machine - Vibratrim VT500

For fitness, health and wellbeing choose the Whole Body Vibration Machine – Vibratrim VT500. This vibration exercise machine is made with one goal in mind: to help all the muscles in the body by reflex action. This is important especially on the hindsight that ordinarily, not all muscle fibres are stimulated simultaneously when we make a movement. You can therefore count on this exercise machine that vibrates to cause a stimulation of all groups of muscles through the rapid vibrations that it makes. The resultant contractions and relaxation of the muscles could be attributed to other important aspects of the vibration exercise machine as given here below.

Whole Body Vibration Machine – Vibratrim VT500-oscillation motor

The vibrating exercise machine has an oscillating motor-the VT500, which is two times as powerful as its predecessor, the VT400. It thus assures you of a lot of power output and consequently, the vibrations for muscle contractions. In essence, you will be able to tone all your group of muscles.

Whole Body Vibration Machine – Vibratrim VT500- wider platform

The surface area of this machine has more advantage over a pair of foot pads that the previous vibration machine has. The reasoning behind this is the fact that the over 50% surface area that this machine offers helps you do much more exercise and exploit your creativity to the full. In contrast, the foot pads have a less space such that the versatility of exercises one can perform is greatly limited.

Whole Body Vibration Machine – Vibratrim VT500-Rotary control panel

To change the speed on the manual control display, all that you will need to do is to spin the control panel as opposed to the traditional way of pressing the speed levels incessantly. The latter is tiring and could actually remove all the fun of a work out. The ease of changing the speed levels on the display panel is one of the highlight so this powerful machine.

Whole Body Vibration Machine – Vibratrim VT500-pre-set programs

Instead of the flash drive for introducing the programs to the machine, this vibrating exercise machine comes with own set of 3-pre-set programs that are in-built. The additional advantage is in the fact that it has an extra 3 programs can be modified. These are the ones which do not require the flash drive as explained above.

Resistance bands

The Whole Body Vibration Machine – Vibratrim VT500 comes with resistance bands which have two distinctive features. For one, they have a connection made from Velcro and the other is the fact that they can be adjusted to suit one’s circumstances.

Load weight

This machine allows people who weigh more to use it than the earlier model. This is an added advantage to the heavy people who could not exercise on such other modal as the VT400.

Features of Whole Body Vibration Machine – Vibratrim VT500

  • VT500 oscillator motor for even more powerful vibrations
  • Wider exercise platform for more versatility
  • Rotary control at the display window for speed adjustments
  • Sets of in-built preset programs,3 can be modified
  • Strong resistance bands made from Velcro and are adjustable
  • Higher load weight

Pros of the Whole Body Vibration Machine – Vibratrim VT500

This vibrating exercise machine has several advantages over the earlier models such as:

  • Delivers more powerful vibrations through the VT500 motor
  • Provides ample room for exercise on the base platform instead of foot pads
  • Easier speed adjustments through spinning the control panel instead of pressing
  • No need to use flash drive to change the programs
  • Stronger and adjustable resistance bands
  • Supports bigger user weight

Cons of Whole Body Vibration Machine – Vibratrim VT500

Perhaps the only notable disadvantage of this machine is the fact that it is heavier than the earlier models and this could be a problem when moving it from one point to the other.

All in all, the positive effects of using the machine far outweigh the negative ones. At the time of writing this review, there were several positive comments from the users.


In conclusion, the Whole Body Vibration Machine – Vibratrim VT500 is the ideal machine for stretching all the reflexes in the body. I highly recommend it.


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