Vibrofit Vibration Plate Machine Review

Vibrofit vibration plate

The Vibrofit vibration plate or just vibrofit is a highly compact and sturdy vibration exercise machine for   fitness and therapy sessions at home. Due to the flexibility it allows in terms of training positions, one is able to nit only tone the body but lose weight as well.

The other models may lack the resistance bands that this vibrating exercise machine comes with resistance bands. These bands allow you to have a total workout in a very short time. This is courtesy of the vibrating platform that allows you to work in the both aerobic and anaerobic environments.

The 60 vibrations per second is way above the conventional 20-50 vibrations per second. This offers one and chance to vary the intensity to exercise the biceps, triceps, shoulders and other parts of the body. With a blue-tooth system for your entertainment and a nutrition manual, you will have everything conveniently available for you with the Vibrofit vibration plate.

Vibrofit vibration plate-powerful motor

The Vibrofit vibration plate comes with a high speed, 3600 rpm spindle. The power output is very high such that you can have both the fitness and therapy as part of your home training. With such amazingly powerful motor, just 10 minutes of the day’s training and you will be done with both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. The vibrations will not only assist with toning of the body, you will also easily lose weight.

Vibrofit vibration plate-3 dimensional oscillating motion

This allows for up to 4 programs and 99 speeds are all that you need to have all the training that you need in a day. Few of the vibration platforms we have around can match this.

Vibrofit vibration plate-resistance bands

Exercising the upper part of the body such as the shoulders, biceps and the triceps require a set of resistance bands. The other vibration platforms lack the resistance bands, making this vibration plate exercise machine to be in a class of its own.

Vibrofit vibration plate-blue tooth audio system

The entertainment system courtesy of the blue-tooth and the remote control makes it fun to use the machine while listening to cool music.


  • High speed motor with up to 3600 rpm for high intensity vibrations
  • Exercise programs and 3 directional oscillating motions for testing  various speeds
  • Resistance bands for upper body work out
  • Nutrition manual
  • In-built blue tooth audio system and remote
  • LED control panel which has enable one to check both the length of time one has worked out and the time

Do vibration exercise machines work is the question of you trying it and see for yourself. The sudden surge in the exercise vibration machine weight loss in the modern gyms is a clear testament that they do work.


There are a number of beets of vibrating exercise machine that is the vibrofit vibration plate.

  • You are able to have full body exercise in a short time
  • The vibrations will enable one to burn more fat quickly
  • Has a nutrition chart to enable one followed the right diet?


  • Not recommended for pregnant women just like in most of the vibration plates
  • It can only be used for limited to avoid prolonged exposure to dangers of vibrations

However, there are much more benefits associated with this machine and some of the disadvantages could be present in most of the other vibration plates. Indeed, the vibrating exercise machine reviews paint a more positive picture of the machine. The oscillating movements aid the vibration intensity so that one can burn more fat and calories. The remote control saves one the time to switch on and off at the LED control panel. Of course the flexibility in the positions one can take when exercising is worth noting.


In conclusion, the vibrofit vibration plate is designed to help you burn fat faster, is more effective than the average vibration plates. It enhances your work out as you stand on it. This makes it a worthwhile investment. Going by the research conducted in some European universities shows that this vibrating exercise machine really helps one to lose more weight.

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