Sunpentown AB-760 Vibratone Whole Body Vibration Machine Review

Sunpentown AB-760 Vibratone Whole Body Vibration Machine

For anyone who has tried looking out for the vibration machine exercises for weight loss, you will agree that it can be daunting some task. This is because there are those which promise to help you help you lose weight overnight yet all they do is have a negative impact on your joints and bones. The Sunpentown AB-760 Vibratone Whole Body Vibration Machine is an exceptional case and there is every reason why it is the vibrating exercise machine of choice.

To begin with, it has low impact on your joints and bones while at the same time helping you to meet your weight loss goals. It is a full body vibration therapy which is achieved in just less than 20 minutes. This would not be possible without the various features of this machine.

Sunpentown AB-760 Vibratone Whole Body Vibration Machine-spiral wave motion

The automatic reflex action in the muscles that leads to the contraction and relaxation of the muscles is as a result of this spiral wave motion. This motion is responsible for the stretching of the tendons and the ligaments. Such motions are the reasons why you end being physically fit with well toned muscles.

Extra large platform

Whilst other machines limit the use of space on their platforms, the Sunpentown AB-760 Vibratone Whole Body Vibration Machine comes with an extra large sized one, thereby allowing you to carry out all manner of exercises lying, standing or even when sitting down.

Power back support

There is a powerful motor which supports the Vibratone so that you continue working out even when there is a lax in the power supply.


The material used to make the machine is strong and durable. The use of steel is well thought out because we are looking for strength and stability when operating the machine. The handles are also ergonomically made to ensure that the user has all the convenience and support they need as they operate it.

Speed level adjustment

There are 12 speed levels in the Sunpentown AB-760 Vibratone Whole Body Vibration Machine. Each of these speed levels allows the user to assume various postures when working out. This is highly beneficial and especially considering the fact that the machine is designed for both the experienced and inexperienced users too.

Automated programs

The vibration exercise  machine comes with up to 3  automatic programs  which, coupled by a user friendly display screen ,makes work out fun and worthwhile; you will not be bored for working out on just one program.


  • Supports spiral wave motion technology
  • Up to 3 pre-set auto programs
  • 12 multi-speed selection
  • A timer for the 10 minutes work out per session
  • Better circulation,nmetabolism,weight loss and other body enhancements
  • Extra-large platform for freedom of work out postures
  • Strong, durable steel body make
  • Ease of installation


There are several advantages of this vibrating exercise machine such as:

  • Improves overall body health through blood circulation, toning of muscles and bone density
  • Offers a wide choice in terms of speed
  • Strong and durable owing to use of steel material
  • Stronger full  body vibrations due to use of spiral wave  motion
  • Has a power back plan
  • The interface is user friendly
  • Has several automatic programs for the user


The only con of the spiral wave motion is that they tend to be actually horizontal instead of being spiral as they purport to be. This could potentially affect the performance.

All in all, there are more benefits to get from the machine as opposed to the negative ones.


Sunpentown AB-760 Vibratone Whole Body Vibration Machine is the machine of choice and especially if you are looking for a more efficient way to lose weight, fun included. I could not hesitate to recommend this wonderful machine to anyone.



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