Sunny Health & Fitness Crazy Fit Massager Review

Sunny Health & Fitness Crazy Fit Massager

Imagine having to buy one of the best vibration machines that is not only great as a massager but stimulates your whole body and boosts your overall health.Now, imagine again that the machine that helps you to relax, reduce weight and stress at the same time. Stop imagining and step into the reality with Sunny Health & Fitness Crazy Fit Massager. This is the machine that you need to have a repeated stretch reflex in your muscles. The whole body vibration is fully backed by research has actually been found to make the cell in the body stronger.

The other benefits related to the use of the machine include:

  • Better motion range
  • Stability and core conditioning
  • Muscle toning
  • Increase in bone density


Sunny Health & Fitness Crazy Fit Massager-speed range

It really matters the speed at which the machine moves and this is the reason why it comes with different speed settings so as to enable you to adjust from one level to the next. The 20 speed levels of this exercise machine that vibrates will help you move from a beginner to a pro. This is because it allows you to move at your own pace, all the while adjusting the speed levels.

Sunny Health & Fitness Crazy Fit Massager-load weight

Many vibration platform machines have weight limits for the users. This is meant to safeguard the machine from breaking under weight. The 250Ibs for this machine is stuffiest for the average weight person.

Sunny Health & Fitness Crazy Fit Massager-3-LED display

The vibration exercise machine comes with a display console for settings such as the time, speed and the BMI control. The display console has a large platform so you can see even the minutest detail that is displayed on the screen.

Sunny Health & Fitness Crazy Fit Massage-in-built workout program

There is multiple works out programs that are pre-set in the machine so that you can have diversity in terms of the number of exercise programs you can engage in. There are 3 of them and this will actually help you have variety instead of repeating same moves from one session to the next. This way, you will be looking forward to switching from one program to the next as the work outs intensify.

Sunny Health & Fitness Crazy Fit Massager-body fat scan

Few vibration platform machines will give you the option feature of scanning the body fat, yet this wonderful machine has incorporated it as one of its core functions. This helps you to focus on the areas to work on to lose weight.

Features of the Sunny Health & Fitness Crazy Fit Massager

  • 20 speed levels range
  • Load weight of 250lbs for the user
  • LED display with enlarged console
  • Read out features for time, body fat and speed
  • Inbuilt-pre set programs for exercises
  • Fat scan facility
  • Transport wheels
  • Comfortable hand rails
  • Large base plate for stability
  • Safety power cord
  • Assembly tools
  • Exercise manual

The pros of Sunny Health & Fitness Crazy Fit Massager

In view of the above, there a lot of good things one can deduce about this machine.

  • -The high vibrations enhance circulation, muscle relaxation, flexibility and reduction of stress.
  • -It is easy to access the BMI sensors as they are conveniently located on the hand rails.
  • -it easy to move the machine from one point to the other thanks to the wheels at its base
  • -the machine is sturdy at its base due to the oversized plate
  • -offers variety of exercise programs courtesy of the 3-inbuilt programs
  • -easy to monitor speed due to the speed level setting from 1-20


The only possible con the users had to complain about is that the exercise manual is in Chinese, so there those who can’t read the language will be at a loss.

However, you find that it is easy to assemble the machine and that the manual might not be unnecessary.


The Sunny Health & Fitness Crazy Fit Massager is a wonderful machine for you if you need  a machine that promotes health,fitness and is  simple to operate. I highly recommended it.

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