Professional Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine

Professional Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine

The Professional Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine is one of  the best vibration machines that you could possibly use to reduce the warm time by half. It is referred to as professional because professional athletes use it. You will therefore be getting the immense benefits that come with it.

The time taken to exercise could be draining and especially as you age. This is why this vibrating exercise machine comes handy to reduce the warm up time.

This standing vibration exercise machine has a number of good reasons why you should consider it over related machines.

Professional Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine-upgraded steel body

One of the most outstanding features of the machine is that it has a strong body made of upgraded steel. This helps in making it strong and stable. This is unlike its predecessors which are made from plastic.  It is in effect unlikely to break during use.

Professional Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine-large base

To increase the stability when home training, the vibration exercise machine is made with a large base. Even with increased vibrations, it will not move out of position as it is very stable.

Professional Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine-dual motors

The added benefit of this vibrator exercise machine is that it comes with 2 sets of motions .One of the motions that is the oscillation allows the machine to move like a pivot in a see-saw.  This type of motion is useful for quicker weight loss and lymphatic system enhancement.The other one is referred to as triplanar and is essentially a spiral or circular motion. The latter is quite beneficial to the body when the plate vibrates as it works on the bone density, strength in muscles as well as dealing with body inflammation.


  • Steel body instead of plastic for strength
  • Oscillation and triplanar motions for each of the motors
  • Enlarged base for stability
  • Two motors which produce less noise
  • LCD displays
  • Versatility in use at home, office and gym
  • Arm straps for supporting upper body exercises
  • 1 year warranty


This machine comes with multiple benefits such as:

  • Improved circulation in the body
  • Tones body and helps to reduce weight and cellulite
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Better motion range
  • Shortened work out time
  • Offers double the benefits of a single motor as it is dual motor
  • Has arm straps for better upper body work out
  • Allows you to focus on some specific body work outs
  • Does not produce a lot of noise
  • Resistant to wear and tear due to heavy duty steel frame
  • Versatile and flexible in terms of use
  • Does not tip over due to a strong base.
  • Has pre-programmed work outs
  • The motors allow more than one movement ,i.e. right ,left, sideways and down
  • Large plate which allows you to exercise as you works out.
  • Offers balance though use of the hand straps
  • Ease of set up aided by the DVD
  • Weighs no more than 400 pounds
  • Easy plugging feature


Despite all the above positive things about the machine, there are a few negative issues which need to be addressed.

  • Difficult to interpret the provided set of instructions
  • It has a an offensive rubbery smell when removed from box

As we can see from above, the good outweigh the bad and this is the reason it prevails as the machine of choice. If the vibration exercise machine reviews are anything to go by, then the machine scores highly in terms of ratings.


In conclusion, the Professional Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine delivers in terms of shortened work out time, weight loss, work outs that are pre-programmed among so many other positive attributes. I highly recommend it.

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