Portable Vibra Therapy Machine Review

Portable Vibra Therapy Machine

If you have a limited space in your home and you don’t mind storing your vibration exercise machine under your bed or in between the furniture, then the Portable Vibra Therapy Machine is yours for the taking. It is aptly called portable because of the ease of transporting it. The rise of this exercise machine that vibrates is simply an amazing journey. From the sportsmen to the massage therapists, celebs and many others, it has become a machine of choice for treating a variety of conditions and keeping you fit and healthy.

Travelling is made easier for you if want to keep fit wherever you go. You just fold it and off you go. The vibrating exercise machine has pivotal vibrations which are very important and especially where therapy and fitness are concerned. The handle bars will give you the balance, ease of use of the digital console, a wheel underneath for smooth movement on the surface and so much more.

Portable Vibra Therapy Machine-oscillating movements

One of the highlights of this machine is the body vibrations it generates. These pivotal vibrations and oscillations are needed to cause the contractions in the muscles. The end result is that your metabolic rate will go up, the muscles will build up and get toned and the cardiovascular workout will go a notch higher.

Portable Vibra Therapy Machine-portable

The ability to detach some parts of this machine or move with it is some of the most important aspects of the design of the machine. You will simply be able to fold it and put it in a suitcase. If it won’t fit, heck, just detach some of the parts and put them in a separate bag and you are good to go.

Portable Vibra Therapy Machine-anti-jamming/anti-static feature

We have heard this narrative before. The machine you are using is fired up to a top frequency oscillation and then wham! It just breaks down so you cannot continue with the training. The Portable Vibra Therapy Machine is designed in such a way it has not only the digital controls but a set of programmed exercises. You will be able to continue working out smoothly without any interruptions courtesy of the anti-jamming and anti-static settings.

Portable Vibra Therapy Machine-shortened work out time

The idea of working  out on the machine for 10 minutes a day seem far- fetched  but when you appreciate  the  7-28 vibrations  per second, you now realize why the  10 minutes are sufficient for you to have a whole body work out. Such vibrations are so powerful that in those 1o minutes, every muscle fibre in the body will be fired up to frenzy.

Features of Portable Vibra Therapy Machine

  • Ease of transporting due to compact size
  • Detachable, hence providing storage space
  • Pivotal and oscillating vibrations for maximum vibration work out
  • Lessened work out time of 20 minutes
  • Digital controls and pre-programmed work outs
  • Anti jamming and anti-static capabilities
  • Multi-functional for therapy ,fitness and health
  • High oscillation frequency of up to 15Hz

The pros of Portable Vibra Therapy Machine

The exercise machine that vibrates comes with a number of advantages such as the ones given here:

  • It makes travelling and work out possible
  • It is easy to operate
  • Proper utility of space with enough to spare
  • Highly recommended by physicians for treating various diseases
  • Increases bone density, so recommended by chiropractors
  • Helps you to work out for a shorter period of time
  • Reverses aging by improving circulation and  hydrating skin

The cons of Portable Vibra Therapy Machine

Perhaps the only con of this vibrating exercise machine is that it is way too expensive for users with a small budget.

However, the cost should not mar the overall benefits of using the machine. The pros of the machine far outweigh the cons and hence prevail. There were no complaints about the functionality of the machine at the time of making this review.


All in all, the portable Vibra Therapy Machine is a worthwhile investment. It is a must have machine that will completely eliminate the need to go to the gym. It’s great for all work outs and it’s portable. Go for it.

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