NEW Clevr Twister Stepper Step Vibration Machine Review

NEW Clevr Twister Stepper Step Machine Cardio Training Exercise Stair Climber Review

Compact, versatile and efficient are the three words which best describes the NEW Clevr Twister Stepper Step Machine Cardio Training Exercise Stair Climber.

This vibration exercise machine defines resistance training to the extent that you will be able to exercise to the maximum the thighs, buttocks, muscles and even the joints.

For this to be possible, the exercise machine that vibrates must have a number of structural advantages. Let us look at the features which give the NEW Clevr Twister Stepper Step Machine Cardio Training Exercise Stair Climber an edge over the mini step machines.

Heavy duty steel frame

This vibrating exercise machine comes with a steel frame which is a heavy duty one. This essentially means that you will be able to work out for years without the machine’s frame giving away.

Foot plates

The machine comes with foot plates which are anti-slip. This means that you will not slip and fall when exercising. For this to be possible, the plate is made bigger to accommodate you as you train.

LCD display

There is a computer with an LCD display to provide you with immediate feedback on the time spent on the training, the rep count as well as the number of calories you have lost whilst exercising.

The versatility of this machine ideally means that you will be able to exercise both at home and at the office.

It helps to note that with this machine anyone with a weight of 250lbs will be able to exercise comfortably.

Features of the NEW Clevr Twister Stepper Step Machine

  • Highly portable machine which is elliptic
  • Resistance training capability
  • Anti-slip ,large foot plates
  • LCD computer for displaying time,rep count and calories
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Durable elliptical mini step machine
  • Full body work out
  • Works by twist action for thigh and buttock work out
  • Compact design made from steel
  • Effective for intensive and challenging cardiovascular work outs
  • Resistance bands which can be adjusted

Versatility in terms of use i.e. can be used at home or office


There is so much that can be said about this exercise machine but the main advantages is as follows:

  • This vibrating exercise machine is more effective than other closely related machines especially as to regards to the cardiovascular exercises
  • It’s sturdy steel frame makes it more durable
  • It’s versatile and flexible to use both at home and office
  • The machine is highly portable
  • Offers a whole body workout, taking advantage of twist action to reach the thighs and buttocks.
  • Reaches the  deep seated areas in the body without hurting joints
  • Foot plates are oversized and sturdy to protect you from falling
  • Allows for full resistance training
  • The tension control exercise bands can be adjusted

About the manufacturer

Clevr is the manufacturer of this training beast and has taken care of every aspect of the design. As a specialist in stepper machines, the, manufacturer has improved on every machine it makes and this brand new elliptical machine promises to deliver on a variety of work outs.

It has focused on the design, usability, strength and versatility. With years of experience in the making of these vibration exercise machines, you will have no option but to trust the word of the manufacturer on the quality of the product it has released to the market.

There were a few positive reviews on the machine at the time of writing of this review. No negative feedback was recorded and therefore, this machine is set to go places.


If you are looking to settle some of the more challenging cardiovascular exercises, the NEW Clevr Twister Stepper Step Machine Cardio Training Exercise Stair Climber will take you to the next level and you will enjoy every bit of it.


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