Gadget Fit Power Vibration Plate Review

Vibration Plate

Gadget fit power vibration plate has long been associated with improved flexibility and growth of the muscle mass. In addition, you will be able to cut down on the fat and cellulite. The Gadget fit power vibration plate is one vibrating exercise machine that you can count on   to get you a better balance, lower fatigue and stress levels.

Where the ordinary work takes  you over 1 hour, this vibrating exercise machine  will cut down the  total work time to a mere 10 minutes  and like Merax  whole Body  Vibration  Platform  Machine 2000W,you are guaranteed  to save  up to 1 hour of the  typical  work out .The vibrating machine will also help you to get better circulation due  to the intense workout

The 95 % work out produced by the oscillating motion plate is sufficient to help in increasing the muscle contractions as well as other muscle contractions at a very high rate reaching 50 times in just one second.

Gadget fit power vibration plate -oscillating motion plate

The Gadget fit power vibration plate helps in the workout by increasing the muscle mass as well as providing the turbo-charge kind of work out needed for nearly whole body muscle contractions. For the contractions to reach the 50 times a second they do, then the oscillating motions have to be that high and cater for at least 90% of the total work out. The vibrating exercise machine does not disappoint and will provide up to 95% of the total work out.

Gadget fit power vibration plate -600W motor

This vibrating exercise machine is highly efficient; deliver an amazing power output 600W.The high vibrations require a lot of power which the machine delivers easily.

Gadget fit power vibration plate -LED display

This is a multi-function window display which helps to show the time and speed .This ideally means that you will know for how long you have been training and the intensity of the workout. The display of the pulse is an additional benefit.

Gadget fit power vibration plate-anti-jamming/anti-static system

Whilst many vibration exercise machines in its league tend to jam while working, this exercise machine that vibrates comes equipped within anti- jamming system which prevents it from jamming during work out. This means that you will have an interrupted work out. The static charges created when the machine is running could also be a hindrance to the efficiency of the machine. The anti-static system prevents this from happening.

Gadget fit power vibration plate-speed settings

The speed settings of the Gadget fit power vibration plate are such that they can either be increased or decreased depending on the pace of one’s workout. There are up to 50 of such settings for one to adjust.

Features of Gadget fit power vibration plate

  • Efficient 600w motor power for enhanced vibration speed
  • LED control panel for the time ,speed and pulse rate
  • Has two mechanisms to counter static force and jamming during operation
  • Incremental speed settings of between 1 and 50
  • 3 in-built auto work out programs

Pros of Gadget fit power vibration plate

The Gadget fit power vibration plate has some pros as given below;

  • Enables a total body work out thanks to the oscillating motion plate and great power output
  • It takes no longer than 10 minutes to deliver greater results than the 1 hour plus of the typical training in the gym.
  • Helps to relieve stress, reduce fat/cellulite and better circulation.
  • Better body balance and flexibility achieved.

Cons of Gadget fit power vibration plate

One notable negative thing about the Gadget fit power vibration plate is the fact it is not recommended for use by people with pacemakers, cardiovascular issues or problems with the joints without leave from your doctor. This greatly limits those who need the training most.

However, it is a better thing than to risk and harm yourself and sometimes the doctor will allow depending on your condition.

The vibration exercise machine reviews at the time of writing this one show that it has been received well going by the number of positive comments posted.


This is a highly flexible, effective and reliable vibration machine that I would recommend to anyone.


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