Emer Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine Review

Emer Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine Review Vibration exercise machine

Emer Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine is the simple but effective vibration exercise machine that you need for your home training. Like its contemporaries such as EMER Basic Reshape Whole Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine, this exercise machine that vibrates is in a class of its own.

This is because it makes it offers an addition to your work out, not forgetting that you will be done with exercise in just less than 10 minutes.

It will greatly help you to improve balance through its platform. Not only that, it will work on reducing your fat, increase the circulation as well as lower the stress levels.

You will love the dual adjustable settings. The first setting is used to adjust the speed and intensity of the training at the interval of two minutes.

This implies that it will adjust the two variants 5 times to the maximum allowable training time of 10 minutes. The other setting is for your own uses whereby you will be able adjust your speed according to your ability. The latter is quite convenient as it allows to train at your own pace.

Instable Platform on Emer Vibrating Exercise Machine

The platform in this vibrating exercise machine comes handy and especially where one needs to reduce fat, lowers stress, aids the muscles to relax as well as any other part of the full body exercise.

You will love the way this standing vibration exercise machine works to improve the circulation, thanks to the platform which by the way is unstable due to the vibrations it creates. These vibrations in turn create the muscle contractions which are needed for a complete body work out.

The fact that it is anti-slip means that you are unlikely to fall during the training. The base is made from rubber of superior quality, so you will be cushioned from personal injury.

Adjustable Settings of  Emer Vibrating Exercise Machine

There are 2 variations that any good vibration machine exercise for weight loss should offer. The ability to adjust speed and intensity; the other of course has much to do with own timing. The second setting allows one to customize the operation of the machine

Emer Vibrating Exercise Machine Adjustable Straps

The Emer Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine comes equipped with 2 adjustable straps which are intended for work out of the upper body. These straps also have suction cups below them to forestall a slip during exercise.

vibrating exercise machine


If you would like to change training sessions from home to office and vice versa, this can be conveniently arranged as vibration exercise machine is highly portable.

 Features of Emer Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

  • Great design and effective work out lasting 10 minutes
  • An unstable platform which creates vibrations for a total work out.
  • Two adjustable settings for intensity and speed for 1 and the customizable one
  • The anti-slip base for a safe work out
  • Straps which can be adjusted for total upper body exercises coupled with suction cups
  • Portability due to small size of the machine
  • Remote control as an addition for convenience

Pros of the Emer Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

This vibrating exercise machine that vibrates comes with a number of advantages.

  • It greatly reduces the work out time to 10 minutes, saving one the extra hard work for exercise.
  • It offers great flexibility in such a way that you can either use it at home or office
  • Helps improve the body through weight loss, relaxation of muscle, increased circulation and so on.

Cons of Emer Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

The only possible disadvantage is that it could exacerbate any prevailing condition one might have prior to its use.

However, one can always consult a physician before using it. The vibration exercise machine reviews at the time of writing this review show that this great machine has been received well .there are many positive comments about it.


The manufacturer of this machine, Emer Fitness Equipment Co  is a specialist in the manufacture of this vibrating exercise machine. So much has gone into the design and it’s therefore worth the price.

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