Confidence Fitness Slim Vibration Platform Fitness Machine Review

Confidence Fitness Slim Vibration Platform Fitness Machine Review

The Confidence Fitness Slim Vibration Fitness Machine is an excellent slim full body machine that is in the same range with Gforce professional Dual motor whole body vibration machine. Whether you are a beginner or a Pro, you will find the confidence fitness vibration fitness machine, black easy to work with. Just like working out with Gforce or the Gadget Fit Power Vibration Plate, you will find that it will greatly increase your muscle strength, improve your body circulation, general fitness, fight cellulite as well as add on your bone density.

Confidence fitness slim vibration platform fitness machine, Black-vibration plate

One of the reasons why this vibrating exercise machine is one of the best vibration machines in the market is the vibration plate. This vibration plate provides the much needed reflex in the body when the body due to the resultant high frequency generated when it vibrates. When it vibrates, your body gets resistance so that you train hard for a short time. In effect, training on it for 10 minutes is the same as training conventionally for 1 hour.

Confidence fitness Slim Vibration Platform Fitness machine, Black-platform design

This vibration exercise machine comes with an excellent platform design which combines the reinforced stainless steel at the handles. These handles rise from below to join where the display screen is. The short distance between the pulse rate location and the handles of 24.5 inches makes it easy to use without straining .Just like other excellent vibrating exercise machines; this one has a lot of stability due to the fact that it has 2 small wheels at its base to offer the much needed support.

Other great features of this vibration exercise machine includes being small and therefore does not take up much space and of course the ease of manoeuvring.

Features of confidence fitness vibration platform machine, Black

  • Use of moulded-thick rubber instead of steel on the vibration platform is a plus for those recovering from injuries.
  • Slim design allows it to take up much less space unlike the  treadmills
  • Wide base on the platform which allow people to carry on with more than one form of exercise.
  • High vibration power of up to 1.5hp with amplitude adjustable feature.
  • Remote-less LCD screen which makes it easy to navigate
  • Accessories such as the yoga straps
  • DIY assembly equipment
  • Comes with a 6 month warranty or a 2 year Smart Guard protection for only $29.99

Pros of the pros of the Confidence Fitness Slim Vibration Platform Machine, Black

The following are the pros of the confidence fitness vibration platform machine as compared to other vibration exercise machines.

  • Low impact exercise which is beneficial for people recovering from injuries like joint injuries.
  • Has compact size which allows it to use less space
  • No need to lift it as it has two small wheels underneath it for ease of manoeuvring .As such; one is not required to lift it when moving it from one point to the next.
  • It’s a rather quiet machine which basically means that it doesn’t irritate.
  • It has ease of assembly due to simple technology used in design.
  • Highly affordable

Cons of the Confidence Fitness Vibration Platform Machine, Black

One of the complaints against the vibration exercise machine is the lack of power which turns off many users who would like the power aspect. The other complaints include:

  • The constant tightening of screws as a result of the vibration
  • It doesn’t come with exercise program
  • The instructions on its use are scanty and definitely not user friendly
  • Has elastic bands which unfortunately offer low resistance

However, the above cons are nothing compared to the greater pros offered by the machine.

At the time of writing this vibration exercise reviews, there were many positive reviews for this exercise machine that vibrates. It is currently one of the hottest selling whole body vibration exercise machines.


The confidence slim full body vibration flatform fitness machine is one of the best in the market, combining excellent design, ease of use and great functionalities. Whether you are a young user or a senior user, you will find it quite user friendly. I highly recommend it.


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