Black Pro 1000w Crazy Fit Full Body Vibration Machine Review

Black Pro 1000w Crazy Fit FullBody Vibe Massage Machine Platform Massage Fitness

Vibration exercise machines are here with us and it’s time to indulge in vibration therapy and massages. The reflect contractions in the muscles are as fundamental as our innate desire to flex the nook and cranny of every muscle fibre in our bodies. The sedentary lifestyles we live seem to have robbed us of this. This could perhaps explain why these machines are finding their way to our homes.

One such vibration exercise machine that has made a grand foray is the Black Pro 1000w Crazy Fit Full Body Vibe Massage Machine Platform Massage Fitness. It keeps the reflex actions alive and is perhaps the best vibration exercise machine.

There are many outstanding benefits which come along with the use of the machine. The group of muscles in the body contract and relax as a result of the vibrations from the 1.5hp motor. It’s a robust motor and it’s new for your information.

The 200 watt energy generated with an upper ceiling of 250 continuously rated will greatly assist to hit the full-frame exercises in a matter of minutes. The 3600 revolutions per minute are no mean feat and especially where this kind of vibration energy is concerned.

Black Pro 1000w Crazy  – 1000 motor

It has a robust motor that generates a whooping 1000W. This is a lot of energy for creating the vibrations for a full body work out. This is what ideally leads to faster burning of fat, better circulation, weight loss, stability, balance and coordination.

Black Pro 1000w Crazy -50 velocity settings

The vibrating exercise machine is designed for different levels of work outs. The variation in speed is intended to accommodate the beginners and pros. This is the reason why it has 50 velocity settings so as to allow adjusting with increase in work outs.

Black Pro 1000w Crazy -programs for work outs

They come in a pre-programmed version so you do not have to install them. There are 3 of them and are designed to increase the variety of your work outs.

Black Pro 1000w Crazy -wattage power

The essence of any vibration exercise machine is in the energy output. You will find that this machine comes loaded with its own 200W which could easily hit the upper end of 250 on a continuously rated basis. This is sufficient power and especially where intense work out is needed. The 3600 revolutions per minute is an added advantage.


  • 100w motor power
  • Variable speed settings reaching 50
  • Work outs are pre-programmed
  • Shortened work outs averaging 10 minutes
  • Load weight o 330ibs supported
  • Light weight machine weighing 80 ibs


In view of the above, this exercise machine that vibrates offers a host of advantage such as the following:

  • Enables a range of several body work outs in a sixth of an hour
  • High power output in watts
  • Multi-speed levels of up to 50
  • Velocity levels amounting to 20
  • High energy motor generating 1.5 horse power
  • Portability standards at 80Ibs
  • Load weight support of 330ibs

You stand to get other vibration exercise machine benefits such as:

  • Improved muscle strength
  • Pain relief
  • Better posture
  • Improved flexibility
  • Enhanced circulation
  • Bone mineral density is increased.

At the time of writing this review, there were positive comments about the machine with no complaints.


The Black Pro 1000w Crazy Fit Full Body Vibe Massage Machine Platform Massage Fitness is a worthwhile investment for a full home massage, vibration therapy and loads of other health and fitness exercise. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable high quality vibration exercise machine.

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