Afar VT400 Vibration Machine Review

Afar VT400 Touch screen LCD Body Fitness

The body appearance and durability of vibration exercise machine are 2 important aspects one should look for in any work out equipment. The Afar VT400 Touch screen LCD Body Fitness Power Shaper Vibration Platform Plate Power board Machine is one such machine and this is with good reasons.

Take the example of the vertical treadmill. It enables you to realize work out goals faster. Your physique will improve as you will shed the extra pounds and the muscles will be well toned. By looking at further reviews of this highly rated vibration exercise machine beneļ¬ts, you will have a well-informed opinion on why it is worth it.

Afar VT400 Touch screen LCD Body Fitness Power Shaper Vibration Platform Plate Power board Machine-LCD screen

The vibration exercise machine comes with a touch screen with LCD display capability. You will basically be required to adjust speed and time by merely touching the screen. The manually operated vibration exercise machines require to be stopped to adjust either speed or time; not so with this exercise machine that vibrates.

The aspect of the press buttons is not only old fashioned; the durability is put to test due to constantly pressing it. Having an uninterrupted work out is one of the strong points in using this powerful work out equipment.

Afar VT400 Vibration Platform Machine-calorie counter

One of the highlights of this machine is the fact that you will burn calories and be able to know how many you have lost. The calorie counter makes the calculations of calories burned far much easier for you and helps you keep tab your weight loss versus how much you are actually gaining.

Afar VT400 Vibration Platform Machine Options

The vibrating exercise machine has an important feature which actually allows you as a beginner to adjust the speed of the equipment to suit your training levels. It has speed levels from 1-18km/hr. You will be able to progressively adjust the speed levels depending on the level of the work out. For the pros, you will be able to maintain a top level speed during the work out.

Features of Afar VT400 Vibration Platform Machine

  • Powerful 200W motor for high vibration speeds
  • High load capacity of 280 Lb
  • Touch screen LCD displays for odometer, timer and speedometer readings
  • Speed selection and adjustment ,remotely controlled
  • Calorie counter
  • Variant speed levels from 1-18km/hr
  • 1 year warranty
  • Low work out time of 10 minutes

Pros of Afar VT400 Vibration Platform Machine

For vibration machine exercise, this work out equipment readily adds value to your daily sessions and offers these amazing advantages:

  • Its small compact size is a boon since it makes storage and portability feasible.
  • It comes with a remote control for operating it, hence doing away with manual controls
  • The calorie counter helps one to closely monitor the calories gained and lost after every session.
  • The machine is easy and simple to operate.
  • Helps one to focus on various groups of muscles for overall health.
  • Has a reduced work out session of 10 minutes, giving one effortless work out.

The Cons of Afar VT400 Vibration Platform Machine

However, this machine has its own downside as well in the sense that people who have a weight higher than the stipulated maximum of 280lb cannot use the machine hence left out.

This machine also has limited work out options. For instance, you will not have the option of either standing, sitting or lying when exercising. Such lack of versatility is a clear turn off for most of the users.

On the overall though, these are just a few negative things you will see in the vibration exercise machine. The good outweigh the bad, hence it is worth buying.


If you are for great to excellent results in a short time intervalĀ  and has no extra time to spare for regular work outs, the Afar VT400 Touch screen LCD Body Fitness Power Shaper Vibration Platform Plate Power board Machine is the one to go for.

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